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Gail Sutton Bassist

Gail Sutton is an accomplished four and five-string electric bassist who excels in rock, blues and jazz contexts. She is that rare bassist who not only supplies a rich and satisfying harmonic foundation to whatever musical environment she is contributing to, but also an urgent rhythmic pulse that takes a groove from solid to irresistible. She reads charts like they are a letter from home, writes horn and string arrangements, and has a portfolio of her own compositions. She additionally has deep repertoire in standards and a respectable facility on several other instruments besides electric bass. Gail Sutton is a complete musician.


She spent her teenage years in South Florida rock and roll bands, first as a guitarist, then as a bassist, from cover bands to original hard rock. She always kept her vision, and combined with her naturally buoyant personality and her ability on the bass, she gradually became something of a darling of the Miami-based cruise ship professional gigging scene. Soon she was immersing herself in theory, creating arrangements and writing charts for the horn bands she played with on the ships. It was her first stint as a salaried full-time working musician. She immersed herself in the Caribbean and reggae scene when she stayed in the Bahamas. On the ship, she played jazz and commercial pop. Off the ship she jammed with local musicians playing reggae, calypso and ska.


After that gig she moved to the northeast and began working as a bassist in the NY/NJ tri-state area, which in turn led to studio work in Manhattan. It was a natural progression to connect with an agent and then a couple of local New York City bands, playing at venues throughout the area, honing her skills further in rock and hard rock styles.  She quickly became a go-to bass player for live shows and the studio, garnering a reputation not only for accurate playing, learning quickly and being pleasant (even during long, grueling sessions), she also had that rare ability to compose memorable bass lines on the spot.


Later on, Gail went on hiatus for several years and settled in Vail, Colorado running her own luxury real estate company during the day while spending the rest of her time writing and recording new material and playing high-end corporate gigs with a local established project.

Soon, Gail relocated to Denver where she answered a Craigslist ad for a prog-rock band ala Rush, Porcupine Tree, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and ELO looking for a bass player to finish the bass tracks on many of the songs for an up-coming release. The band was Fragile X, a very popular Indie band who backed up ELO and Firefall, developed a solid, growing fan base and released three albums which are still receiving popular internet radio airplay daily 


Fast forward to present-time. Gail relocated to Southern California in 2015 and is now based in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles. Never one to stand still, Gail hit the ground running working the circuit hard playing at every club, open mic night, backyard party and jam session she could find. She soon met and teamed up with engineer/producer/studio designer Giorgio Bertucelli who has done everything from work on TV shows like Friends and Seinfeld; recorded stars like Barry Manilow; and designed and built studios for rockers like Alex Van Halen. Gio just helped Gail finish the design and construction of her own studio, named “Gailforce” (Thank You Louis Metoyer for coming up with that one!) located in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles, along with world-renown technician and wiring expert Charlie Bolois, who has worked with music royalty such as MCI, Studer, Berry Gordy, Eddie Van Halen, John Fogerty, Joni Mitchell and Tom Petty. Gail soon met and teamed up with Guitar Virtuoso Louis Metoyer formerly with Terence Trent D’Arby, Belinda Carlyle, Four Non-Blondes and the New Edition. Then, at one of the local jam sessions Gail connected with recording artist and blues rock troubadour Solomon King, who was looking for a reason to start a new band and take his music to a whole new level. Solomon started by recruiting Gail on bass, who then brought in Louis Metoyer to fill the lead guitar spot. With long-time LA session drummer Hudson Rivers and Las Vegas-based keyboard wiz Gary Corto completing the lineup, Solomon King and The Chosen went in the studio and hit the road on a southwestern US tour in 2017.


When she isn’t busy bending strings with other top musicians in Hollywood and Los Angeles, Gail is preparing for the official opening of her boutique Analog/Pro Tools HD recording studio, Gailforce Studios and welcoming in her first clients while finishing her own new CD and video releases and composing more new music for her growing catalog.


Gail’s love is to tour and travel, write, collaborate, record and perform with other great musicians and she’s always looking for higher creative expression and new projects…

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Fearless Bass!

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